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Date: 06:48 PM Sep 25, 2008
Dragon Fang Quest SL - Gains

Combat: +6 levels to split between key combat levels.
Combat Skills: +8 skill points, spend on choosing a skill at level 1, or split between chosen skills.
Magic Path Levels:  +8 levels to split between paths.
Magic Skills: choose +4 magic skills.
Checks: +8 points to split between checks.
Knight Skills: +12 skill points, spend on choosing a skill at level 1, or split between chosen skills.
Magic Items:  List magic items found.  3 high level items allowed, 1 level 35, 1 level 30, 1 level 28.  Use items at current level max or level limit, 1 level +20 ring of telepathy, enhances current telepathic level.
Elite Mission: Battle of Self; earn +3 points to apply anywhere as levels, checks, or skill levels.  Have Seth call out and fight his shadow, or evil alter identity.  Secret to Defeating Shadow: GM alone knows, send all logs (or post alert to GM) and GM will tell you if Seth has defeated his shadow.  Battle with shadow continues until Seth has defeated it.  Once engaged in combat, Shadow will try to overcome Seth and take possession over of him.  If shadow defeats Seth 6 times, shadow becomes Seth.
Final Quest Mission: Have Seth deliver the fang to Castle Kilcanoragh or Aurelius.  Find Valis Urik and Byron Decasey at Lake of Shadows Inn.  Byron tells Seth to deliver the fang to Maelmorda.  He informs Seth that Aurelius is at war in Mephais and may be gone a year or more, but that he will visit home now and again.  Valis tells Seth where Maelmorda and his family now reside, two hours south of Hawker's Forte at what is now called Castle Kilcanoragh.  He informs Seth that Maelmorda intends Seth to reside there with him as a knight.  Valis informs Seth that Aurelius has something to give him, but will not elaborate further on the matter.  Valis advises Seth in secret to keep the fang safe and give it to Aurelius for safe keeping, expresses that if Maelmorda has the fang it might place it in Sammael's grasp. "I am not asking you to betray our Lord," he says, "But to allow Aurelius to decide when Lord Kilcanoragh should have it.  Much has changed."  He explains that Maelmorda gave himself to Sammael to stop the war in Morashtar, but has already made provisions to rule as Sammael's equal.  "I am confident that Maelmorda shall find a way to come clean of it, but until then, it would unwise for him to possess the fang."  His opinion given he departs from Seth.  Seth can contact Aurelius telepathically by a level +20 ring of telepathy he found on one of the Dragon Kin he killed.

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